Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Thing 1A

On an adventure in learning...
Hi! I'm Jan. I'm new at this blogging stuff. Read 'em before, but never had my own space to call home so to say. I'm looking forward to my adventure in learning 23 things (or more)! I selected my profile picture because I was on an "adventure/hike" with my dog, Whoopi, when the picture was taken this past summer on a trip up the Blue Ridge Parkway. Appropriate, don't you think???

Now for a little about me...
I'm an educator in the Barrow County School district in Winder, GA. I have been an educator for 24 years. WOW! That's a long time. I love what I do! I currently am the Elementary Curriculum Coordinator, but have past experience as a teacher (all over K-5th) and as a principal.

Why the adventure???
I have chosen to take this course because it is an adventure. I want to be up on the latest and greatest of what's out there with technology and web 2.0, because tomorrow, I will be behind again. We all know that it doesn't take long to get left in the dust with technology tools and information changing so fast! My goal is to have "NO JAN LEFT BEHIND" if you know what I mean. I'm expecting to open a whole new world (with a little help from my POW and friends).


  1. Nicely done Jan. I like the picture and headings. You are really challenging my creativity.

  2. Good job! This looks great! I love the "no Jan left behind" thought! Have fun, check out my blog when you can from home so you can see all the video clips!

  3. Jan, I love the dog carrier. Too cute! I hope you enjoy the class.

  4. Nice blog! Are you sure you are a beginner? :)

    You'll have to show me how you did your headings . . .

  5. You've definitely got the right spirit of things. "No Jan Left Behind" - LOVE IT!!